About YellowPagesSCAM.com

YellowPagesSCAM.com / YPScam.com was launched by a group of small business owners across the United States to make public the deceitful scam’s and unfair business tactics practiced by AT&T YellowPages.com, otherwise known as YP.com. Business owners from Alaska clear across to Massachusetts covering all 50 states have experienced the deceitful scams AT&T YellowPages.com sales representatives have practiced.

A variety of complaints have been reported such as bait and switch, over charging, not canceling service when asked to do so, double billing when written requests have been sent to cancel, massive click fraud, and accusations that AT&T YellowPages.com themselves report higher clicks and impressions than actually made in order to over bill the customer are just some of the complaints that have been made to date. Many business owners have claimed they have paid thousands of dollars and not one customer ever contacted their business from YellowPages.com. When AT&T YellowPages.com was asked to cancel the service, the business owner was given the run around then sent to collections.

Complaints have been recorded from Complaints.com, Complaint.tv, ComplaintsBoard.com, SpamLaws.com, RipOffReport.com, Consumerist.com, and the Better Business Bureau are just a few services that business owners have complained to over the years. To date, tens of thousands of complaints have been made against AT&T YellowPages.com’s deceitful business and sales practices.

Unlike YellowPages.com’s competitors such as SuperPages.com and YellowBook.com which actually give more return on investment (ROI) on the advertising dollars spent as well as handling each complaint by its customer’s straight on, AT&T YellowPages.com chooses to earn the short term revenue by milking its customers up front for all that they can instead of seeing the big picture of keeping the customer happy so they return again and again.

YellowPagesSCAM.com / YPScam.com does not make any accusations whatsoever. The site is intended for business owners that have engaged in a deceitful transaction with AT&T YellowPages.com to report their experience on the site. These business owners can post their complaint on the site for everyone to see. Many of the complaints listed on the site come directly from Complaints.com, RipOffReport.com and the Better Business Bureau as well.

If you have been cheated by AT&T YellowPages.com and/or you would like to know how you can get your money back by joining a pending class action lawsuit, please feel free to post your complaint on YellowPagesSCAM.com and receive more information. A copy of your complaint will be emailed directly to AT&T YellowPages.com as well. If a complaint has been resolved, customers are encouraged to email YellowPagesSCAM.com in order for the complaint to either be removed or labeled as RESOLVED. Our goal is to unite the small business community within the United States and bring about a fair playing ground for everyone. AT&T YellowPages.com should not be allowed to bully anyone, especially the heart of the U.S. economic engine, the small business owner.

YellowPagesSCAM.com / YPScam.com is not associated with nor authorized by AT&T YellowPages.com.